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Shortest and Longest Day of the Year for Me

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Published 5 years ago
Competition Entry: Solstice
Love and hate, hand in hand, light, the shortest amount today
Darkness, winter coming, daylight ending way too soon
Depression, lethargy waiting to set in and get in my way
Solstice is a day of pain and hope for me as I await the return of the sun's rays

In the darkness I can ruminate about life and chances not taken
Lasting so long this day of the year, my mind races and runs
I take advantage of the night's long length to test my limits and shake them
How long can I stay awake, planning and plotting my return to light and fun

Leaving the sanctuary of my dwelling and staring at the sky, I begin to wonder
Decisions, were they the right ones? Time will be the judge as I look up at the moon
The shortest of days, is my friend and enemy. Too much darkness and my mind thunders
Friend, knowing that the days will head the other way, bringing more light soon

 Moonlight illuminates all before me, the frost on the grass, cars frozen over with dew
My feelings often frozen the same, stuck in the moment and the pain
Do other minds run the same crazy path, twisting, turning or am I one of the few
Agonizing over each and every detail of the day and now of course it has started to rain

Harbinger of the cold and snow that will surely come again this winter season
The shortest of days, always brings my longest thoughts, my brain racing, quite mad
Soon though the days will lengthen and I can slow and begin again to see the reason
My friend and enemy, the solstice, that so short day, bringing thoughts both good and bad

The solstice comes each year, nothing can stop it's return. Shortest, longest for my thoughts and me
Needing to feel it's arrival each year. I survive and always manage to make it to the other side
Days getting longer, making up for the shortest light day, I can let go and be okay with what will be
 Flawed and perfect, the solstice reminds me of life; what an amazing, magical and emotional ride

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