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The winter of 1597 was particularly harsh. It started snowing in late autumn. Most, if not all were unprepared for the long, cold winter to come. Jacob was such a man. He lived alone in a small cabin in the woods. The autumn was a time to stock the larder...


A Twelfth-night Masque

Within a medieval castle, festivity begins to take shape.

INT. A MEDIEVAL CASTLE HALL A set of banners are hung around the hall.   SONG: Pastime with Good Company A band of musicians enter and play. They exit afterward.   SCENE: Antimasque The Sprites enter. SPRITES    Black spirits and white, red spirits and gr...

A Wisconsin Poem

Another winter storm warning...sheesh...

It's winter in Wisconsin,And the gentle breezes blow,Seventy miles an hour,At thirty degrees below. Oh, how I love WisconsinWhen the snow's up to your butt,You take a breath of winter airAnd your nose is frozen shut. Yes, the weather here is wonderfulSo I...

Night of the Wind

A mysterious traveller heralds a strange evening in a small town

The rider came swiftly towards Avenigar. Keeping his horse at a fast trot, he reached the cluster of buildings that stood beyond the town’s West gate. Those buildings stood mostly empty and boarded up now that winter had arrived. During the summer, though...


Snow in Three Poems

If you live where it snows, you will see truth in these poems

Snow Dust Snowflakes falling all aroundChanges to snow upon the ground.When the wind blows (as it must)It carries aloft bits of snow dust. Snow Bunnies Snow swirls; the wind makes a snow dune.Snow dust dances to a wintery tune.Like dust bunnies underneath...

White Mother   Great Winter You come during the nightYour white blanket the darkListen to you laugh as you blowInches drift to feetWork your frigid gameLaugh at the puny onesAs you drop another footBrace you, foolish humansDrink your coffee or teaPray at...

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A gift from afar

The beauty of the season is in one's heart

A carpet of frozen snowflakes doth lieAmong the grass, icy dew dissolves,The fractals, each one unique and fleetingColours, a prism in which the light evolves A little bird, ‘gainst a thorn his breast yieldsHark! His winter song, his feathers are rentBloo...

Voice of Ice

He sought the name of the angel of ice

The wind gave a piercing howl, rattling the windows of Professor Jack Lange’s apartment. Jack lowered his book at the sound and stared out at the blowing snow."Wow, what a storm!" announced the disc jockey on the radio as if he, too, had heard it, "If you...

Can you not see As they stand before you Can you not feel The world start to change Each year as the leaves On the trees start to fall Winter to summer Then summer to fall Again and again Each one comes and goes Always never ending But never the same One...

The Turn Around

“No matter how long the winter; spring is sure to follow”

After her 20th pill, the water tasted bitter and she gagged involuntarily. She wanted to pee now, having drunk at least three glasses of water. Whether it was the anti-depressants taking effect or just the numbness which had enveloped her; she didn’t know...