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Spider Webs and Moonbeams

"What strange bedfellows, nature does create."
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Published 6 years ago

Come sit with me, said the spider to the fly.
Daylight's gone, moonbeams grace the sky.

Glitter from the stars are captured in my web.
Breaking night's darkness as sunbeams ebb.

Visit for awhile, we can share a story or two.
Growing our new friendship, don't be blue.

You are safe with me, I mean you no harm.
Enjoy our time together, no need for alarm.

Make yourself comfy, fold in your tiny wings.
I won't try to ensnare you in my silken strings.

Being friends with each other, is no mortal sin.
The night is young, tell me where you've been.

If you wish we don't have to break the silence.
We can sit quietly to consummate our alliance.

Nestle in, I have eight arms with which to hug you.
Share some warmth, as cold winds begin to brew.

Relax, close your eyes and rest awhile my dear.
I will keep you safe and guard you, have no fear.

Our relationship to others, may seem as a strange reliance.
Knowing the truth, together we can weather any defiance.

When morning dawns, and my web's all covered in dew.
Fly freely as you wile the day away, in a sky pure blue.

Come sit with me again my friend, said the spider to the fly.
Come back home tonight, as moonbeams again glow in the sky.



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