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Thank you

"A musing for an old friend"

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Your words chilled my soul
As you looked at me with heartless eyes
And told me we were done
Grudgingly I said my goodbyes
And tried to move on
Trying to rid my mind of you

All those times I cried
And thought that maybe if I changed
Our relationship could be revived
I was left behind
But I didn't realise then that it was a good thing

You were so impossible
And even I knew back then that it was doomed from the start
But perhaps that is what drew me to you?
Knowing it would never work out made me give more of myself
While you just sat back and watched
And then flicked me aside when you were done
Without a thought or care for me
There was no affection on your side

But now I have moved on
And I am better for it
I am done crying
I am done being sad
I am done being angry
I am done fretting over you
And thinking "Was it me?"

You saw me with someone else
And I was happy. 
A genuine happiness
Not a fake one, that I had to convince myself and other people that it was what I wanted
But a real happiness
A happiness that glows and shines
The light that sees people through

It made you angry to see me with someone else
You expected me to go back to you
As I had done in the past
But I am through with that
And I am through with being treated like that

I have moved on
I am reborn
I have had a personal Renaissance
No longer will I be at your beck and call
No longer will I consume myself with wondering if I have done anything wrong
Wondering why you treat me like this
Blaming myself. 
That girl is gone
She has grown up and realised her mistakes

So I wanted to thank you
I want to thank you for being so heartless
And taking advantage of my youth
And being not a nice person
And making me question myself
Thank you
Because without all that, then I would not be here
I would not be a better person
I would not have realised that I am better than that
And better than you
And that I am worth more
I wouldn't know what true happiness is
And what it is like to be wanted and to make someone else feel good
Thank you

I realise that this piece has no reason or rhyme
but by the time you read this,
if you ever do, baby I will be gone.
Long gone
So thank you.

Written by LauraDanielle
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