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The Foolish Apradore

"A nonsense poem to settle myself into this account"

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The trees hated to think of wicked little babies
As they wonder along the lonely harbors
but if they had some ice cold meats, then maybe
they would rather ponder barbers.

"Listen to their mumbles, crawling through the air!"
The tiny shrub did shout in pride,
"Why we must riot and shave off their hair.
and don't forget their ugly hide."

The lover in the sea was sleeping in a trance
when by chance did he hear such a plan.
and danced a little dance,
for he was the most clever coy in the land.

"Could I go and gather
the babies to take
them and lather
their bodies in the lake?"

He thought that his plan sounded all well
for Bubblegoose Lake had this way.
to make evil fleetly compel
and make one as good as a singing spring jay.

"but alas," The coy sadly shook his hand
"I am a lover of the sea.
If I was to contact land,
who knows what would happen to me."

So he swam to the grimy shore
to speak to a dear old pal,
a grimbly, grumbly apradore
who either went by 'Jim' or 'Sal'

"Why go by two names?" one would ask.
So, to you a hand I will lend.
He went about a secret task
Right about the mid-weekend.

"I know you have asked of me so little,"
the lover said to the apradore,
"and your nerves are so dim and brittle,
but complete this quest I do implore."

But the mind of Sal was way too fuzzy,
to understand the lover's plight.
and merrily nodded and walk all buzzy,
and fell into a tar pit later that night.

So, what happened to the wicked kin?
Well the end of this merry ride,
the babies were treated for their symptomatic sin
to a well shaven little hide.
Written by Duketravers
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