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The Four Seasons

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I hate summer,
Because of the
Hot weather.
But I love it so,
For the outdoor fun.
The hiking,
The swimming,
And especially,
The camping.
I love the tank tops,
Shorts and sandals.
The sun dresses
That makes me feel
So pretty.
I love the big sun hats,
And oversized sunglasses.
How cold, hand squeezed
Lemonade tastes
Like sweet heaven
Under the hot,
Scorching sun.

I love autumn.
How the leaves change
How they float
Slowly, to the ground.
The sound of crunching,
Under my shoes when
I walk on the cement
Covered with
Dry leaves.
The rain that
Falls, reminding me
Of sweet memories.
The memories of
Slow dancing in the rain
With the guy,
I used to believe
Was The One.

I love winter,
Often wishing for
But instead, we get rain.
Rain and cold,
Freezing mornings.
But I love it,
Because of the
Hot cocoa with marshmallows,
The fireplace that keeps
Me warm and cozy.
I love the cold,
The foggy days.
And especially,
Seeing my breath as
I breathe in the morning,
Pretending to be a smoker
Even though I dislike the smell.
I love running on the grass
Only to slide on
The frost,
Which is the closest
Thing we have to snow,
Then looking behind
To see the trail, I have made.

I love spring time.
The beautiful flowers
That bloom.
The beautiful pink
And white
Blossoms on the
Almond trees,
And how they look
Like snow when
The wind blows.
I love the smell
Of the flowers.
The newness that
Springtime brings.
I love the chirping birds,
The beautiful butterflies.
The bright and shiny sun,
As it promises to bring
Summer back around.

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