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The Fourth of July

"What the signers of the Declaration of Independence ignored."
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Did they know when they signed their names,

declaring freedom from tyranny

and the right to pursue happiness,

that the women in their lives,

the Africans who plowed their fields,

the Natives whose land they occupied

were listening and breathing the same air

that summer day?

Did they realize their ignorance

when they rang the bell of liberty

and heard the cannon roar in celebration

that they were creating wars

that are still being fought?

Did they understand--

those brave white men--

when the ink of their names

was still wet,

that the women in their beds,

the slaves who made them rich,

the Natives who loved their land

were not included in the word—equality.

And here we are on this summer day,

centuries later,

still wanting the day

when the rights of women would be realized,

when the color of a person's skin didn't matter,

when the cherished land of the Natives

would not be spoiled by greed.

Until that day,

the revolution won't be over.

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