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The Great Debate

As I sat down at my desk to write. I heard a knocking on my door. Without a ‘hello’ literary devices, language ,words and other assorted poetic elements came through my door.

And Rhyme said first ‘Poet, we’ve been having a debate about what makes a poem, you know…Great’

Words said boorishly ‘Without us you wouldn’t have poetry’

‘Rubbish’ Stanza replied out loud ‘All words have to be ordered to make sense unless you’re Yoda. You could have any rubbish down; it doesn’t make it a sentence or a poem’

And Wit bored with the debate sat next to me and said ‘Simile is always so non-committal. Everything is like something else. Nothing is’

And Rhyme sat down and said ‘Look out when Mood is full of gloom, when she is down she can clear the room’

And Observation just raised a brow and watched their antics.

And Wit turned with another aside ‘Assonance likes to dance and prance until you give him a chance’

I stifled a groan and raised a brow but Rhyme interjected with ‘My dear, Wit. You’re full of it’

And repetition droned on and on repeating his argument amongst his fellow devices

Personification smirked and said ‘This poem, poet is full of me. I guess I’m the most important element of them all.

And Onomatopoeia stumped and muttered out loud amongst the growing sound of argument.

‘I am the most important element’ said Imagery ‘I use vivid language to represent objects, actions, or ideas in poems’

‘Be quiet’ I said and they settled down around my desk.

‘A poem doesn’t have to rhyme nor be in stanzas. It doesn’t need to use imagery nor other literary devices’ they looked at me now with mutinous eyes. Maybe my delivery needed work.

A good poem is a subjective thing. From my own point of view it’s one that’s full of heart and grabs you inside. It makes you identify with the writer. It makes you think. It makes you laugh. A good poem is one that makes you love poetry.

‘This feely-good touchy stuff is making me want to heave’ I heard as they exited and tried to find another poet to end their debate over what makes a poem, you know...Great'

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