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Over 90 days ago
United Kingdom


I like to write fiction in most genres which will include lashings of humour. I love writing poetry too.

Gymming,Going to gigs,festivals and concerts. I love music and movies.

Favorite Books
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Favorite Authors
I go through stages of favourite authors. My favourite author is definately Kresley Cole but the rest fluctuate in my top ten depending on my mood.

Favorite Movies
Again depends on my mood but I love action moves,comedies,sci-fi,drama,thrillers and musicals okay my favourite movies in no particular order -Star Wars (I'm lumping them all together -though my favourite is empire strikes back) -Dogma -Strictly Ballroom -The Notebook(my official sobfest movie) -Star Trek -Snatch -Sherlock Holmes -Clerks 2 -Hair -Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Favorite Music
Rock,Indie,Metal, Golden Oldies, Some Jazz,Some blues, Rap crossovers,Some dance music. I'm a bit of a music whore. Again this depends on my mood...
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Kooky quasi–serious conversations That amused look between good friends Where words aren’t needed The quirk of a brow The half grin secretly sitting on the corner of your mouth It takes one line of absurd ridiculousness Hilarity ensues chaotically The gig...

You hear my words  But don’t get the meaning You hear my jokes  But don’t understand them You see the surface because I allow you to see  Never scratching below the layers of me I sit and silently watch  Without being observed My earphones in  Apparently...