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The Honeybee

"The other side of the truth"
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Among all the beautiful flowers

In the garden of dream land

A wildflower... raw one

Was hiding in the shades of green.

It was me... all alone.

Bees were flying by

Stinky and clever eye

Glistering in dirty greed

Scared, buried myself

Inside the shell of long sharp thorns

Forbidding them to get cozier.

A sudden wave of fresh air

Passed through me 

Confused... I opened up petals

You flew by me

Made me experience sunshine again

Witnessed contagious smile on your face

Our smile was reflecting the consent.

Like a dewdrop you touched me soft

Looking deep into your ocean like eyes

I felt the bleeding wings, bruised heart

Your pain touched mine.

Creating endless ripples deep inside me

Your lips touched mine

Petals were quivering to hold you inside 

Like, never to let you go

you whispered something

I could not hear the inaudible voice

Hesitatingly you flew away

Staring, as you were disappearing, I whispered

"I'll be right here waiting for you."


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