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Some day you will know how much I love you

You know its September The hot days and the cold nights We were tucked under the thick blankets Laughing, giggling, smiling and chatting Me at my place And you, at yours Yet I felt very close to you Each time you called I persuaded you to talk more Your w...

The Honeybee

The other side of the truth

Among all the beautiful flowers In the garden of dream land A wildflower... raw one Was hiding in the shades of green. It was me... all alone. Bees were flying by Stinky and clever eye Glistering in dirty greed Scared, buried myself Inside the shell of lo...


Flower Queen

A random Poem for someone

I fly by, looking around Searching for the best one You were hiding, in those green shades Your beauty mesmerizes every one Many found you But none dared to near you The thorns are long, sharp enough to free a soul The smell of your beauty lingers in the...


And I am Sad Again

Bolt from the blue

I don’t know why you left me? All you said “leaving for good” What is good? when I will be sad. Is that what you wanted? I returned for you I promised will be here for you always Don't you believe me? Did I break the trust? Or you left me to teach somethi...


My Love

I just cant stop loving you Intellect

Hearing the ripples of the sea As we walk on the seashore I hold your hand I sneak a peak at you and smile Leaning to you I kiss your cheek My arms are around you Bringing you closer And holding you tightly I whisper my love for you I hear your muffled re...



Its always better when we are Together

There are no days I don't think of you You are always on my mind always My love for you Is forever and ever You are my always Your picture I see In my mind You are so beautiful always I listen to your voice Each and every day I love the way You say ok The...