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The Kid

Curls of red and holes instead
Lay where eyes should be;
Glasses hid the shame of the Kid
Who’d never been able to see.

Kid was small, the shortest of all
The ones in high school that year
So they chuckled and leered and he trembled and feared
The wrath if they saw his tears.

Dreams of sight filled him ‘til morning light
In his nightmares he was Lord;
But waking hours and sightless showers
Brought him back from skies he’d soared.

So afraid of life was the Kid’s own strife
He brought his troubles all right;
One day he swore he’d make ‘em pay and more!
He promised to give them a fright.

When came November he then remembered
What he’d sworn to do;
So off he went, his patience spent
Wanting to hurt everyone, no matter who.

He bought a gun to have some fun
With the torturers’ idle play
He went to school and even drooled
At the thought of what would happen that day.

Security didn’t check as tingles flew up his neck
They never bothered – he was blind!
So their oversight cost a lot of lives lost
And the loss of morality of his kind

The boys who teased were especially pleased
That he had brought his glasses
They smashed and stamped and had a jolly old ramp
At the expense of the Kid’s hall-passes

But they took it too far and he could sense where they are
With his special super hearing
He pulled out the Glock and laughed as they flocked
Now he was the one they were fearing.

He fired a shot that struck blindingly hot
Against one of the ones who he hated;
He laughed with glee, finally free
His murderous rage far from abated.

So in anger of blind he abandoned his kind
And shot down everyone who was there
The students and teachers, Gods and preachers
All saw the gun’s deadly stare.

This poem will stop in the same way he flopped
To the ground after it they snatched
The gun from his hand and then he did land
Alone and his breath unable to catch

When he woke, his eyes were stoked
With coals of burning red
He’d landed Down There, the ground the color of his hair
And this was the last thing he said;

“I apologize even though I know it’s lies,
I am not sorry for what I did,
I swore they’d remember that day in November
They dared to cross the sightless Kid!”

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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