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Curls of red and holes instead Lay where eyes should be; Glasses hid the shame of the Kid Who’d never been able to see. Kid was small, the shortest of all The ones in high school that year So they chuckled and leered and he trembled and feared The wrath i...

Shame on Us

When the shooting happened everyone tried to use it to promote their own agenda.

We use clever pictures, witty words,And celebrity quotes to say the things We are unable. Tragic moments bringOut the worst side of us. There is noHeart in what we say, only the convictionOf what we believe to be true. Are weRight? Does it matter in times...

They are Destiny’s children. We had no say in the matter. Children of Destiny are called for at birth To die, before their time And move on to a better place. Because they were not our children Twenty of them did not belong to this Earth They were not our...