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The Little Things

"My friend told me to write down 25 things that I'm grateful for"

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Rapid raindrops pattering on a tin roof 
Genuine goosebumps from charged touch
Decadent chocolate dancing on taste-buds 
Passionately perceptive monologues at dawn  
The smell of smoke from an extinguished candle

Liberated laughter from the heart of a loved one
Being harmoniously held at midnight 
Wonderfully warm winter pastries 
The slow blinking from feline eyes 
The fragrance of familiarity 

Weightless secrets spoken in whispers
The euphoric feeling of being submerged in water
The first bite of a home-cooked meal
Observing loved ones overcoming obstacles
Buttery popcorn emanating from the microwave

Sappy string instruments 
The soothing softness of fresh sheets 
Uncovering newfangled flavorful dishes
Windy forests and still lakes
The lingering scent from a treasured soul

Traveling through musical libraries
The sensual sensation of climax 
Thirst-quenching watermelon summers 
Glowing gazes shared at dusk
The aroma of a single rose

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