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Appreciation Stories


For You

I hope this brings a smile to your face.

Your eyes sparkle like diamonds,Your skin is soft like gold.Your mind is sharp like jewels.Your lips taste like fine wine.You are a valuable treasure. Your laughs are like beautiful chimes.Your dance is fine rhythm.Your voice is a catchy melody,Your speec...


Words cannot express how much you have meant to me

I want to get something off my chestand let someone know they are the best.When my life was filled with strife,I met someone who changed my life. I was angry, hurt and dissatisfied,I met her friends and was gratified.She taught me to think before I spoke,...

Always remember

Written for my mom

Something stops me.There is something I need to tell you,But how can I even start to say,the many many things that cross my mindAs I think about all that we have been through. I guess to begin - is to look at you.From the first moment that we metYou loved...

The Dynamic Duo

Happy Mother's Day to the Greatest Woman in the World

From the moment I could talk, She’s been the one that I call out to. From the moment I could walk, She’s been the one I go to. From the moment I could trust, She’s been the one I put my faith in. From the moment I could love, She’s been the one that most...

A Guardian

Thank you...

Never had I meet someone like you Instantly comfortable, chatting like old mates, Gentle by nature but still a guardian of your friends. Honest and genuine when Telling me stories that made me laugh and cry. Reading between the lines Always ready with a c...


Thank you.....

Sometimes in life you meet someone Out of nowhere, who makes you want to be a better person Under even the worst situations They make you laugh and feel special. Helping you cope Even allowing you to see the real them. Revealing deep private truths, the o...

Smell the Roses

Missing the little things that make life's journey worth while.

As I traveled this journey we call life, I was constantly reminded to “Stop and smell the roses” or “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may”. What? I'm too busy for that now. Today, I have to get up at 5:00 AM and drive a hundred miles to help a client with a pa...

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