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The Neighbor's Wife

"Good fortune comes to he who waits."

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The Neighbor’s Wife

By Tony Radford

A gorgeous lass of angel-class and curly auburn hair,
a lovely prize with pale-blue eyes – one couldn’t help but stare.

She came alive at half past five when her day at work would end,
and through the glass, I’d watch her pass – then gracefully ascend.

Was so unfair – she’d take the stairs that were right outside my door
and return to life as a neighbor’s wife up above on the second floor.

It seemed quite clear from sounds I’d hear as I lay in bed at night,
possessions smashed and voices clashed – that all they did was fight.

My tortured dreams depicted scenes of a girl in grave distress
who’d prefer the hand of a gentle man – that was me, I must confess.

She gave no clue, I never knew if she even cared for me,
if the ring she wore was just décor – with a spouse not long to be.

When paths would cross she was quick to toss a smile and brief “hello”,
she would never treat with trite conceit like other girls I know.

The time we spent as neighbors went by quickly – then one day
she let me know it was time to go – and then they moved away.

My heart would grieve when I saw her leave as I stood there wrought with pain,
when, in the street at my very feet was a set of keys and chain.

I recognized their shape and size – I’d seen them once before
in the place they sat on the welcome mat that was right outside her door.

I couldn’t mail, since my neighbors failed to leave their new address,
no phone to call, no clues at all – so I threw them in a chest.

Five long years, a few careers and a love would come and go,
then a twist of fate would lead me straight to the girl I used to know.

I’d come to town to settle down – to start my life anew,
a fresh new scene, my slate was clean and friendships – very few.

As I unpacked the boxes stacked in piles across the floor,
my hand retained the keys and chain I’d discovered years before.

On that chain was a fob that came from a shop just south of town,
a clue indeed – my first real lead to the place she might be found.

I took a chance that her last romance had long been cast aside,
that she might be free to meet with me, or if not – at least I tried.

My heart rejoiced to hear her voice when she first picked up the phone,
a cordial greet, a place to meet – just she and I alone!

When my eyes beheld that southern belle, I was glad I’d made the call,
it was good to find that the years were kind – that she hadn’t changed at all.

Her face was framed by her flowing mane – superb in every way,
her lips, her chin, her perfect skin and her eyes of bluish-gray.

The time we spent was heaven-sent – it was more than worth the wait,
for once I’d find the girl was mine – if only for a date.

Our reminisce would become a kiss – then a passionate embrace,
to a private spot were the mood got hot as we moved to second base.

A brief romance would soon advance to the bond of man and wife
and two young souls with common goals would start a brand new life.

The stars aligned the second time my neighbor and I would meet,
my thanks indeed to that set of keys I found lying in the street.

Still today, when I look her way, I can drift back years before
and see that girl with the auburn curls who used to pass my door.

When I watched that day as she drove away and vanished from my life,
I’d have never guessed I would be so blessed –
she would one day be MY wife.

Written by tradford
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