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love poem
Survivor 3 months ago

Journey On

Our journey will continue to the end

The sun has risen over both our waysSo many times apart, now we are one.No longer may we squander nights and days,You're my true love when all is said and done. Our twilight is not near, not coming soon,We'll laugh and cry, n...

Survivor 4 months ago

You said my name, it felt so intimateas if you spread some jam upon my lipsand then you licked it off. The loving wayyou said my name had felt as if you'd kissedmy center of deep sensuality.As if the simple act of na...

Survivor 10 months ago

Reaching Out Into The Darkness

I still hear the voice that echoes in my heart

I still recognize thetimber and the tone. Hear the sound of her voicedeep inside From her voice in my mindthat one time.Only one time did we speak,share ourselves. Only one time did shepaint my heart w...

Survivor 1 year ago

From a Distance

The dark night of a soul

Her visage glimpsed above a balustradeAnd from a distance wonderment arose.Enchanting, pristine character most staid,Serenely dreaming, peaceful, at repose. Perhaps she is not tranquil deep inside,It might be true that passio...

Survivor 1 year ago

And When The Morning Comes

When you reached out and touched

Do we know, can we see, will we feelwhat we've known, what we've seen, what we've felt. At the moments we knew, simply seeing, and feeling,that instant,most precious, the most treasured point in our lives.For so q...

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Survivor 2 years ago

Your Hand in Mine

Hold my hand as we go up

Tonight's my turn for spooningyou had a go last nighttomorrow is still comingno worries in our sight Together we're ascendingeach step we're holding handsapproaching near Nirvanait's time for fun in bed

Survivor 2 years ago

We Shall Have No Fear

There is no reason to be afraid of love

You welcomed me,allowed me inso unafraid of love. You simply realizedonce morehow right it is to love.To garner love and share itas often as you may. To say it, often, now and thenbefore you lose yo...

Survivor 2 years ago

The Chambers of Your Heart

Resonating in your heart

May it resonate withinWhen I touch your trembling skin,Echo deep inside the chambers of your heart;Deep within the giggly chambers of your heart. Like a schoolgirl you may clapWhen I hold you in my lap,Hear my singing s...

Survivor 2 years ago

So Many Lies

What's to be done when we are one

So many secrets, so many lies,So many times we hid from their eyes. Something about you, elegant grace,Drew me to try to light up your face.  When will you seek me, when will you come.When may we speak up, stop playing mum. W...

Survivor 3 years ago

Meg's Sonnet

Love that helps us through this journey

The lovely sunrise each and every dayThe chirping birds that sing without a careThe echoed laughs of children as they playThe whispered words of lovers as they share The flowers grazing by our fingertipsThe bees that sip the...

Survivor 3 years ago

Just Your Smile

It's really just the smile

It's really just the smileThat tells it all. A smile that seems transcendentTo our core. Complete fulfillment, Existential bliss For every beating heart that feels itsGlow. A happy smile of joy and sweet delight

Survivor 3 years ago

That Thing I Do

You know that thing I do...

You know that thing I doYou know that thing That sets your heart to beatingThump... thump... pounding pulseIn time with mine That sets your legs to tremblingShake... shake... shivery quakeIn time with mine That se...