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The Road

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Published 10 years ago
The Road is uncertain ahead, but I have no fear.
Moonlight guided my every step, setting the dark cobblestones aglow.
I move forward and the doubt from my soul eases.

For far too long now, I shielded myself from the world
Stemming from the insecurity that, once upon a time, defined me –
My heart is scarred, my soul, while not broken, heaves with weight.

I thought I knew what I was and who I was to become.
I thought that my love had limits.
I thought that it was all good enough.

Now my cocoon is beginning to unravel and I feel the breeze starting kissing my skin.
The threads of unfounded self trepidation is falling away.
The dawn is breaking, evolution is on the horizon.

I will always remember to never stop the metamorphosis.
I will always remember to love with reckless abandon and be unafraid of the pain it may bring.
I will always remember to be imperfect is to be human, and will make me stronger.

Now I wait, breathless with anticipation, to see what I will become.

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