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Wow... what DO I write? That's a good question. I'm a little bit poet, a little bit short story writer with huge plans to write something longer. I love to write bout places I've been and things I've photographed . I also like to write about food- cooking it, eating it, food history - because I'm a food nerd. (The term "Foodie" is terribly over used...) but I'm a sucker for anything invloving actual research- that's the former journalist in me talking. Mostly though, my stories and poems come from images I can't seem to get out of my head... Looking forward to meeting like minded writers! Drop a note to say hi!! :) P.S. *HUGE HUGZ* to the people I already know from the flip side... ;) You know who you are :)
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Our Grand Adventure

Against the Odds

Through this, our Grand Adventure You were there. And, amazingly, you still are Steadfast in the belief that We’re going to make it. I won’t say that it’s been easy. Easy is a word we scoffed at Right from the beginning. There was the time when things wer...

for L Life has been unkind - yet you still standthrough unimaginable griefthrough shattered livesthrough a plague on your blood. through a mind being lost. You still stood with the unyielding weight on your shoulders alone. Then, unsurprisingly, your love...

I see the sparkle of lightAt the end of the dark space I have been travelling through. The velvet blackness is so easyso safeso simple I look around me and I realize the light from my spirit which has guided mehas dimmed from the all suffocating darkness...