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The Tears For A Stranger

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The uproar of emotions attracted me, so concerned were they as their tears
flooded their faces, women and men alike. 
It attracted my curious eye. 
Slowly I made my way through the emotional crowd 
to gaze upon the face of who was so proud. 
Gently he laid in the white velvet box 
peacefully asleep, draped in the finest garments.
I gazed into his cold shut casket only to see 
a face similar to me. 

But how could it be. 
Starstruck and fear-stiffened.
I stood gazing upon 
the mirror of a glass. I could see me 
oh so peacefully with that sewn smile, 
eyes permanently shut to the world,
body cold and rigid, such pain I could feel it. 
His family cried for more than a minute, 
but do they mean it? 
Where were they when he needed? 
They laid him in the midst of the ground 
covered with flowers. The white picket
fence said here lies my son, good bye my loved one 
and the cemetery emptied by the time the 
clock struck one.

I guess we all move on.

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