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The Words You Read

"A tribute to kindess and true friendship"

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There is so much more to me than just the words you read

My words are only the starting point of all that I can be

The thoughts that I write to you are true and from my heart

The emotions I am discovering I have never felt before

My life has been a struggle filled with betrayal and unanswered love

The vow I made was in spite of me and not what I had hope for

Many times I wondered if I would ever find the keys and be free

Of the ties that bound me to the prison of my choice

As I walked alone in company of others, I found the chance to flee

I fled and hid so far away that even the keenest eye could not find me

The shelter I have chosen is on the sea, a boat with painted sails of hazel green

This is my haven where I feel safe, here no one can hurt or belittle me.

I now have the strength and ability to express just what you mean to me.

You have been the light in my darkest hour guiding my steps as no other

Today I breathe the ocean air and release the hate that once anchored my soul

You have taught me that forgiving is a gift that heals as it mends the wound

So this day, I forgive the past looking forward into the horizon and begin to bloom

Once I was timid, submissive, weak and small, you have shown me to be different

Bold, strong, powerful and tall. Your words gave me the courage I lacked

I thank you for extending your hand and being a friend in my time of need

Forever and a day I will cherish your presence as you are a unique treasure

An ever so beautiful, amazing, divine, one of a kind handmade heirloom

The ocean wind fills my sails the sun shines warms on me as I steer to my destiny

We may someday find ourselves stationed at the same port and if that is to be

I will embrace that moment and you will at long last rest your eyes on me

And understand that indeed there is more to me than just the words you read
Written by Isadora
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