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Ocean Stories


The gull sails aloft white-crested oceanas smooth as silk, in perfect motioneyes scan the surf for silver glimmersto harvest crops of scaly dinnersA glint, a meal, a hunger realan upward swoop with deft and zealone turn, a hover, then a plungesharp golden...

The ice tinkled against the glass as I raised it to my lips, enjoying the warmth of the late evening sun on my face. The view from the hotel veranda was sublime, out across the Pacific vastness to meet the vivid blue sky at the horizon. It was plain to se...

No Regrets

Mere survival is not enough.

I am bathed in my own morals On the curve of the beachIn the damp sand Where the water rises to greet And then slips silently awayEbbs and flows Under the oblivious light of the moonThe wind fingers my hairBut offers no armsI am alone with my lossesAnd my...

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My Beach

A walk along the shore-line of my youth

This one is in this format, because if I put it in the line by line way, it would be huge. I did this as an homage to the beach, within walking distance of where I lived, all of my life. Because it's a British Beach, there may be ref's you won't get? If t...

Jackson Goes for a Run, Realizes Why He Hates Birds

A man finds he's the pig in a real life game of Angry Birds.

It was the first legitimate spring day of the season. The air finally warmed, the sun was out and there was not a cloud in the sky. I decided that rather than go to the gym and pretend to be a hamster on the tedious treadmill; I would call my friend James...


And I'll sink so low, you won't see me.

“Every day is so wonderful, and suddenly, it’s hard to breathe, Now and then I get insecure from all the pain, feel so ashamed.” -Christina Aguilera, Beautiful. Imagine if you will, A paddleboat, In a vast, deep blue ocean. You can’t see land on either si...

Ocean Realm

The Prologue of a novella on whale life in the ocean.

Prologue - The Blue Realm “Humans – like us - are mammals descended from the same ancestors. Unlike us - they have come to believe that intelligence sets them apart and gives them dominion. This false belief in their importance is enhanced by their most c...

If I

Just thoughts

If I were to leave, just disappear As swiftly as the Ocean breeze Would the Stars still shine as bright? If my presence was not felt, unseen, A drifting scent that weaves into a mist Would the voices of Nature still be heard? If the prints I make were to...


This is my attempt at a Haiku Poem

Pretty sun kissed skinCoastline traveling seekerSandy covered toesRampant salty wavesCarbonated ocean tideReminiscent thoughtsIncoming vast moonSky-lit passionate firefliesHidden smiles growRoaming ever morePersonality awokeGlistening ogleAttention captur...

Seasons Of The Heart

Even true love changes with the seasons...

Looking out across the ocean I sit alone, Cool sand sifting between my toes.Soft sprays of salty air blown against my skinAs blue green waters rush toward shore.Glorious rays of sun in all their splendorDance like golden stars across tranquil waters.Brill...