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To Love ...Is to share the good and the bad,the joy and the sorrow,sad days and the glad;To Love ...Is to give again,to please and to pamper,such joy it will bring;To Love to forgivethe large and the small,instead of recall;To Love ...Is to lose som...

7 years ago


Learning to forgive

Forgiveness begins from the heartExpand your heart and your mindIn order to forgive you need to listen Try to recognize what is being spokenSome people may tell little white liesWhile others may have too much prideSo swallow your pride and forget your lie...

Anasazi- Manic Depression

How manic depression (now known as bipolar disorder) and drinking affects a young child...

***I want to add something, as an edit, because it has been brought to my attention by a friend on here that this prose-poem could be taken badly. I do not mean, at all that people with manic depression (bipolar disorder) are bad people or should be held...

9 years ago

The Words You Read

A tribute to kindess and true friendship

There is so much more to me than just the words you read My words are only the starting point of all that I can be The thoughts that I write to you are true and from my heart The emotions I am discovering I have never felt before My life has been a strugg...