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Those same old voices

"When will it end, these voices in my head?"
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I can hear them chanting my name,

Snickering, whispering, mocking.

They remind me of everything I have done.

I cannot block them out or get them to stop.

They repeat those same old words.

You're to blame, you're at fault.

I think I know when they appeared or started to.

Possibly, because of the girl I once called my best friend.

Wasn't it because I didn't want to be team captain,

Or the fact I refused to pick anyone not even her?

She was pissed off at me for that,

But she didn't even try to understand how I felt.

The guidance counselor was no help either.

She took her side over mine,

Even though my real problem was being forced into something.

She even told me it was my fault.

That I guess was where this problem started.

That voice came into existence then.

There were earlier incidents but none as major.

Perhaps the reason, it's here is because I want everyone to be happy.

My parents unknowingly made it worse.

They started blaming me for everything.

Now they wonder why I have such an attitude.

I used to think they should give it time.

But they didn't, they never did.

They point out my attitude like a flaw.

Making it out as if I was at fault even more,

Making me feel like I was such a child.

I guess I am stuck with these voices.

I can't seem to shut them up.

I guess that's my fault too.

It will be until I remove myself from the causes.


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