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Blame Stories


I hated how beautiful she was.I hated her sleek, slender figure, her caramel skin, her and her long dark hair. Traditionally men couldn’t stand the idea of a slender wife. However, for a farmer like my husband, a slender wife was ideal.            I was a...

You Make Me Feel So Low

You can only heal your own wounds

You make me feel so down I loved you once But not anymore You only have yourself to blame When I love, I love deeply But you lost that love Now you are bitter and twisted Angry at me for your own faults Nasty words are sometimes worse than a blow You make...


Those same old voices

When will it end, these voices in my head?

I can hear them chanting my name, Snickering, whispering, mocking. They remind me of everything I have done. I cannot block them out or get them to stop. They repeat those same old words. You're to blame, you're at fault. I think I know when they appeared...

Author Of My Own Destiny

Often we blame others for our destiny.

Choices we all must make Some are good some bad Survive or ourselves forsake Be miserable or be glad Grab the ring or make a mistake Bare our soul or stay totally clad Stand tall and straight or quiver and quake Live in the moment or relish what we had Sh...