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"This strange feeling that I can't shake ..."
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This strange feeling inside
It's so hard to explain
Turmoil and torment
Making my head spin

Despite my compassion and honesty
Trying hard to make others feel good about themselves
I often retreat to my lonely pathetic world I live in
With a sense of shame and tears swelling from my eyes

Violently wanting to throw up
To escape this sense of loneliness
Seeking comfort and friendship from others
Yet bringing pain and hurt upon those I find

Banging my head against the wall
To try and feel something more than this
My stomach churning in never-ending cycles
Mistakes of my past coming back to haunt me

Silence and a sense of loneliness is my enemy
Forever stuck in a loop of my disturbed fractured mind
In the hope that one day this will all end
That will be on the day I finally die ...



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