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Over 90 days ago
United Kingdom


I'm 45, straight, disabled, and enjoy writing poems, often dark about love lost and my feelings towards my disability, shame and loneliness of who I am.

I am very shy, and most of that is due to the fact I do have a disability (hands/arm). Behind the shyness is a guy with a loving, lonely, caring soul who would like to be only friends with people who don't judge others.

Enjoy writing poems (often are quite dark in tone due to my disability, loneliness etc). Stories occasionally. Watching tv and movies.

Favorite Books
Fiends by Richard Laymon. A Hellbound Heart (Hellraiser) by Clive Barker.

Favorite Authors
Clive Barker.

Favorite Movies
Fan of too many to name, fantasy, sci-fi, action, emotional, comedy, old b&w comedy, feel good movies etc.

Favorite Music
Within Temptation, Sarah McLachlan, Aerosmith, The Pretty Reckless.
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Spiders Web

Caught in your spiders web!

Entangled withinYour spiders webNo Escape Entranced by your eyesConsuming myLost Innocence Writhing upon my bare skinThe succubus of yourNaked body Your lips close to my ownStealing my lastBreathe You caught meBoth heart and soulForever yours  


This strange feeling that I can't shake ...

This strange feeling insideIt's so hard to explainTurmoil and tormentMaking my head spinDespite my compassion and honestyTrying hard to make others feel good about themselvesI often retreat to my lonely pathetic world I live inWith a sense of shame and te...