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Twist of Fate

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Published 3 years ago

Her chances were slim, she was too fat to fit in.

On a scale of 1 to 10, she was overweight.

She was insecure about herself, and all her flaws,

She built an emotional wall, a tower, with so many floors.

Each room filled with pictures, of painful memories.

Albums upon albums, she collected sad melodies.

Her closet full of Skeletons, monsters under her bed.

She cried to sleep, as she tried to sleep.

Each new scar cutting in too deep.

Her inner beauty turned to inner pain,

Thoughts of jumping of the windowpane.

She stayed in darkness, and slept in sadness.

Her mum thought this was madness

No one could get to her, she hid the key.

But really she wanted someone to talk to, but none could see.

Summer came, then winter came,

She became cold, and immune to pain.

Her scars became tattoos,

Her suffering became taboo.

Her fear became her muscle,

It was time to leave her castle.

As she walked outside, a three-headed dragon appeared.

This was a metaphor, representing all that she feared.

Our young hero stared at her fate,

When suddenly she began to sink, she was overweight.

She knew if she ran back to her tower,

She would lose control and power.

So she pulled out her bow, and drew out one of her fears…

no more fat face, no more bad breath”

she pulled the string with all her strength.

The arrow struck an eye, the beast began to cry.

It then charged at her, ferociously.

And hit her body, she fell motionlessly.

Trying to focus, she slowly became conscious,

She needed to hide, in a place with more grass.

She saw an opening, there was a crack in the wall for her to fit in…


Her chances were slim, she was too fat to fit in.

On a scale of 1 to 10, she was overweight.

She could either die in fear, or face her fate.

She turned around ready to play, stalemate.

She summoned the spear of fear,

As the beast approached near.

With all her might, she charged,

When suddenly the beast went mad.

A head fell off, then its other.

By a horse flying, with wings of silver.

The beast on its last head, stopped and stared.

It moved back, it was scared.

In one quick moment, she threw her spear.

Hit the beast in its heart, and it disappeared.

When the dust cleared, the horse landed and turned into a prince.

She couldn’t control herself, her face turned pink.

He spoke…

You cannot fight your fears on your own,

But this fear you must fight alone.”

He transformed into a silver mirror.

“You must face yourself”

She took her stance, and readied herself…


On a scale of 1 to 10, she was a perfect 10.

She was the mirror, that could deflect pain.


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