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redwriter 2 years ago

Something of Value

Young man has first encounter with human loss

It was a slow melancholy song in Harry Turner’s head. Uncle Joe was dying. A sad refrain that reminded Harry of the man he knew. He was a man full of good humour, activity, kindness and love for his family. Now he was dying. The dirge plagued Harry’s m...

Her chances were slim, she was too fat to fit in. On a scale of 1 to 10, she was overweight. She was insecure about herself, and all her flaws, She built an emotional wall, a tower, with so many floors. Each room filled with pictures, of pa...

I'm Gonna Be Brave

Allowing oneself to fall takes the greatest bravery of all...

I’m gonna be brave, Because I do crave To be held by you, so I shall fall, Hope you catch me, give my all, And ride the love wave.

courage2bfree 9 years ago

Be Brave My Love

A woman tries to stop her love from feeling bad.

Be brave my love. When the wind is raging And sharp arrows of hail shoot horizontally into the forest; do not despair. Keep the faith that the sun will return. Take...