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Voice of Insanity

"Just a poem that came to me while walking, not reflecting on my real life."
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You believe me if I told you a story,

Of a girl who was so lonely,

She would break her own heart

To keep from falling in love.

You might think this strange,

Maybe she is deranged,

Purposely keeping everyone away,

Even those she trusts.

It seems so clear some,

She doesn't like anyone,

So she becomes a burden

Upon her own heart.

Such a black and white case,

They assume in haste,

With the real problem clear,

She can't get past her fears.

There are voices in her head,

That whisper words of dread.

She ignored them at first,

She knew what was true.

Despite shoving them aside,

She still heard comments of snide.

After a while, she was slipping,

the doubts assumed control.

There would be days so lonely,

Only the voices to keep her company.

Telling her how horrible she is,

Amplifying how worthless she feels.

A downward spiraling path.

Soon filling her with wrath.

As she demands why she is alone.

Demanding why she can't have love.

Instead of withdraw, she lashed out,

At her friends she would shout.

So they left her alone.

So nothing would ever change.

You see that person sitting alone,

Say hi instead of condone.

Give them a smile, brighten their day.

It is the only way to make those voices go away.

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