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"Evocative, thunderous voices inside my head."
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Published 9 years ago
Sometimes I have to strain to hear.
Sometimes they are loud and jeer.

The things said, sometimes are bizarre.
Sometimes cutting deep, leaving a scar.

I don't know from where they come.
They do at times make me feel glum.

I ask where, or who they are often.
Never do they respond, and soften.

Most times instead, passing through.
Leaving me with baggage they strew.

Telling me that my thoughts are weird.
Dark, hazy, stuff that should be cleared.

Voices that are not often recognized.
Speaking stridently, I feel chastised.

Voices running rampant in my mind.
Ruthless voices, continuing their grind.

Never wanting to cause another strife.
I have strived to live an honourable life.

Are my thoughts not my own anymore?
Is someone else here, I need to implore?

Voices, are they from one of my past lives?
Perhaps, ancient ancestors throwing knives?

Why do these voices keep haunting me?
Have I been so bad, will I never be free?

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