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Weary soul – soldier

"A struggling soul."

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Every wound heals

Leaving you with scars

Some big and some small

I see you struggling day in day out standing in by lanes of life

Unable to soothe your hurts and not letting me heal you,

I see you scratching your old healed scabs

Making them bleed afresh.

I see a weary soldier fighting for his soul,

A fight he loses sometimes or wins a minor war.

I make you crave dreams, family, and love

All hallucination of desert mirage.

A night for me a peaceful blanket of stars

A cocoon of warmth for my soul

Is a long angst ridden war for you.

Demons of pain, wounds of lost love and suffering surround you.

I find you trolling the streets of restless nightmares,

Untold anguish on your face,

Your body bowed with, oh dear what terrible tragic tales.

Anguish, affliction, apprehension, dismay

Disquiet, forbidding always nipping at heals of your joys.

Solicitude, sorrow, woe, unhappiness,

Despairing melancholy mourning loneliness

always hovering over your heart.

We all have sorrows and burdens to bear

You had been cursed exceptionally worse.

My wish for you to heal and be

What you were meant to be

A strong compassionate human being.

Burn oh weary soldier burn,

Burn yourself to fiery ashes,

To be born as a wonderful mythic legend,

Phoenix, a bird of untold glory

Strong immortal beautiful

Of colourful plumage and tail of gold.

Blessed with voice so beautiful,

To sing your stories untold.

Singing of resurrection an immortal bird,

Guiding forlorn, forsaken, confined, incapable wounded.

My dreams are loftier than you think

For you oh weary war torn soldier.

Written by sea
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