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What Is It Good For

Absolutely nothing

He is such a loving man. It may be a good thing to talk about it. Who really knows. Only the ones still not at peace can say for sure. But he never talked about it. Service for a lifetime. A career. Continuing long after the fighting was over.  He gave th...

The Nurses. Chapter 21

“Nein, nicht schiessen!” Maria croaked her throat suddenly dry...

Amiens. September 15 th 1940Katarina awoke early as she always did. She had arranged to meet Maria at seven and they would have breakfast together. They were a little later today as this was a rare Sunday that they both had a day off and had planned to to...

Weary soul – soldier

A struggling soul.

Every wound heals Leaving you with scars Some big and some small I see you struggling day in day out standing in by lanes of life Unable to soothe your hurts and not letting me heal you, I see you scratching your old healed scabs Making them bleed afresh....