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Do you, like me,
ponder why things
happen to be?
Do you ever pause
to consider
what really
is the cause?

Do you ever
wonder or marvel
at what really is
amazingly clever:
why two separate
people become
entwined to
love and mate?

In this mystery play
with its cast of millions
how come my needle was
plucked out of the hay?

I ask, what did I do
to be so blessed?
How come I even
got to meet you?
What power surge
ensured our paths
would not only cross
but merge?

Explain: why me?
How come I 
get to bask 
in your glory?

Does anyone know
the reason why
I get to sit here
bathed in your glow?
I certainly can’t 
fathom why
I happen to be 
the fortunate guy.

Is there a book
in which it’s written
I should have 
such luck?
Or did I roll 
the winning dice
and thereby
top the poll?

With sparkling eyes
hair of golden hue
and dazzling smile
you’re a stunning prize.
That much all can see
and so, through my awe,
amazed by it all,
I gratefully thank you
for loving me

Written by JWren
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