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  Do you, like me, sometimes ponder why things happen to be? Do you ever pause to consider what really is the cause? Do you ever wonder or marvel at what really is amazingly clever: why two separate people become entwined to love and mate? In this mystery...

Thanks To All The Mother's

Happy Mother's Day

To all the Mother'sWho gave birthTo all the Mother'sWho adopted childrenSay thanks to each and every one of themFor taking care of us when we are sickThanks for guiding usTeaching us right from wrongThanks to all the Mother'sWho play and listen to all the...

The Black Granite Wall

The Vietnam war memorial

The Black Granite Wall I stand in solemn awe, staring at names etched into this polished black granite wall. Too many names can not read them all, nor can I contain myself tears begin to fall. These men and women who left husband, wife, children alone to...

Did I ever tell you?

To all my friends and family...I never tell you how much you've influenced me and enriched my life

Did I ever tell you how much I adore your mind, dear friend? A shard of cutting brilliance and delight It inspires me to be more than I am A dance between the two of us – one leading then the other Not a waltz, more a Charleston Maybe modern dance, perhap...