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You Can't Have Her - Dedicated to BCRF

"She fights like a girl"
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Published 6 years ago
Suffused with life. 

Then you came along.

You chose her,
Were Inclined towards her. I was warned about you. 
Preordained fortuity perhaps?
Your insidious shadow 
approached unnoticed. 
Your darkness surprised me. 
I didn't contemplate 
meeting you at all.
brought mixed emotions. 
I held onto my loving friends, 
Faith and Hope.
The moment she felt your presence
my heart skipped a beat. 
The unknown, Good or bad,
she didn't know.
Together for a short while
life continued and
you grew on her, drew her in. 
You slowly buried yourself 
near her heart.
I loved her the way she was. 
We had a good life 
Without you. 
She was mine
We didn't see the real you
until it was almost too late.
You tried to take her;
A part of me
I won't let you have her, 
who, or what we are. 
We are stronger
Than you.
We belong to each other and
You can't come between us. 
If you come knocking on my door
I won't let you in. 
I won't let you win.
I've turned my back on you. 
I don't want you here at all. 
Your kind aren't welcome
I'll not give you that part of her. 
That part of me. .
We are still "we"
Still happy 
Still laughing
Still living our lives. 
You can't have us. 
You never will. 
I fight like a girl.

THIS poem is dedicated to all the women in the world who are attempting to win the fight against breast cancer . NEVER GIVE UP. 

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