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then I Remembered You

What is my purpose in life?

My heart cries.What am I supposed to do?I think God forgot to give me a purpose in life.  I've lost my way and I don't know where to go.I missed somethingThen I remembered you.You're not mine butyou are everything I haveYou're everything I love. Perhaps t...

You Are More Than Words

A thought for a friend

You are more than words. Words do not define who you are or who you want to be. The words you choose are a part of you, not your entirety.Someone once told you, you could write.So you did.You still can.Please do.Nobody can prevent you penning your thought...

Sweetest Secret

We all have secrets...

You are my secret My sweetest secret Your warm breath on my face, Before… The first slight touch... The first rush of heat... Soft lips, dancing, exciting. The taste of new passion, Warm, tingling and euphoric... Melting into another planebetween consciou...

Imperfect Perfection

Love is rarely perfect

Love weaves a web of lossthrough my coreas I covet you. Perpetual days of torment,unfinished thoughts of youtaunt my past and future. Silent cries ride the backof an impossible avowal,always only a wish. My heart wails in your absence,I miss you incurably...

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Please talk with me.

I met Tucker a few years ago. We used to talk sometimes. We'd discuss our tales of woe. He was so sweet and kind,A most beautiful friend. He was a very rare find Sometimes he'd disappear, And come back a new manAlways ready to lend an ear. I looked for hi...

When We Get Old

How much have we changed by the time we get old?

What if we change What if we stop being us Will we still want us? When we get old… What if I change What if I can’t smile anymore Will you help me smile? When we get old… What if you change What if you stop loving me Will I still love you? When we get old...

A Married Man

Why did she choose a married man?

“A married man?” my sister asked. “Yes, a married man.” “Why a married man?” my nosey sister asked. “The married ones are the best.” I told her. “I suppose so, they usually have some don’t they?” she persisted. “Yes, usually they do.” I replied. Sister si...

Moonshadow Waltz

Waiting patiently for love to call.

An exquisite Sunset 'O' paints the pretty colours A luminous pearl The moon shows his face A maiden’s heart blossoms Moonbeams point to her fate Pirouettes beneath the starlight As she waits patiently An eternity, I’ve waited How long I've dreamed of you...