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I had never written anything until June 2013, and much to my surprise, it didn't turn out so bad If you cross paths with any of my stories or poetry by chance, I'd love it if you would leave me a comment telling me what you thought.

Hiking, camping, clowns, dancing in the rain, rain, people, girly and glittery stuff, swimming, running, the colour pink, cooking, reading, writing of course, good conversation and good coffee. Unicorns, Faeries, ballerinas. Yeah, I'm a girlygirl

I dislike the colour green and I have an intense hatred for brussel sprouts. Just saying.

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The Void

Your soul doesn't live here anymore.

I cannot speak the words to convey how much I miss you. That would make it real. Heart-slashing miseryhas displaced a sultry burn. My thoughts are still full of you,craving just...One... word. Through tears,I see in the mirror,an emptiness, where there on...

then I Remembered You

What is my purpose in life?

My heart cries.What am I supposed to do?I think God forgot to give me a purpose in life.  I've lost my way and I don't know where to go.I missed somethingThen I remembered you.You're not mine butyou are everything I haveYou're everything I love. Perhaps t...