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A Series of Dreams

A Series of Dreams

Feeling the time has arrived to go through the sleet, and driving snow across the frozen fields towards that light there in the distance. And feeling as if the earth is moving under my own dreamscapes, doing what I can to be there tonight. Knowing I don’t have much to offer or take and ain’t nothing nowadays like it used to be, and still seems like looking for the answers and the peace I haven’t found yet, with nothing seeming right no more and the world is kinda hard to understand. Knowing to take care to remember and taking time to myself when it seems as though losing the fight, and time is supposed to help us forget; but then some of us have to teach ourselves to forget certain things, as well as the people who caused the pain.

Being asked what am I gonna do to stay alive, and what am I gonna do to keep a dream alive? And then again why is it any of their concern when the flames erupt in this bittersweet symphony known as life? And then again I seem to have left pieces of myself everywhere I have been or fallen in some way, and I know the Devil’s in the details and always has been there and it’s a fine line I am threading my way down. With me sometimes asking myself if I am real or not here in these strange times that seem to have found me traveling through the sleet, and snow? Wondering if you are sleeping and can you hear me?

Recalling each word that has been said with each step I take across these frozen fields, from those smoking fires and smoking mirror of memory, and wondering if I am food for those saints that are quick to judge me? Having heard lies in the form of words of trust, and at times having been judged and convicted for crimes and misdemeanors that have never been clearly defined. Keeping my faith and hope in me and through all I have been through and knowing one springs eternal and the other can move mountains.

Still I can remember the way things were back then, and if I had to do it again I probably would and go through all those hard times in a different way, and still carry that heart of steel I have as well as take the pain and convert it to power and become stronger.

Asking her when I see her if she will hold on to me, and come with me through what all life throws at us, as we head on down the line? And I know she also carries a look of steel behind her eyes and though it might seem we are saving our last breath. Having seen once during a cold day out here in the fields as I head further south, a single tear fell from her eye, followed by her fist clenching against the pain that was felt there. And in the same process opened her heart to accept the hardest part, though she might have felt as if the hammer had fallen that day. And the war that still raged on undone stung her like it has done me and with open eyes we watched all unfolding, with us both knowing the shadow wars had begun.

Now looking at those gunmetal grey skies through the sleet, and snow and feeling myself smile from the bite of the wind, and thinking briefly of those roads that went forever in heat and under blue skies. And knowing she unlike most won’t lie and though things might seem to go wrong, with the magic seeming as if it might be lost I know she is like the goddess Cathain who rises through the mist, and well-schooled in the feats of arms making us a warrior pair. With both of us having seen the meaner side and she has a heart of steel growing deep within her. Taking and turning pain and into power with all the lies, tears felt and seen making us both stronger with red fire in our eyes like jungle burning bright.

Picking up the step as I hear mix in my head ranging from the old cadence count from Georgia, and feeling the power of the strains of the Son of God Has Gone to War, and finding myself able to see the light and her, which I have been heading towards and most would think of this as an exercise in futility. But everything is all-right and again what cares I for their words of praise?

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