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Coventry Ridge

Coventry Ridge

It seems as though I cast the die a few years ago on a game of pitch and toss, and now find myself being called and directed where to go on an old road known as Highway 61. Feeling like I had set sail as I headed down it and heard and felt that false clock trying to distract me, and having heard voices calling and knowing that spirits are using me as I thought of how many times I fell. And have since then been looking for that which I know and that love which can endure through all.

Following that old Highway 61 and at times failing seems to be the easiest thing to do, but my heart won’t let me give in even though I know I might not win as I soldier on and dust myself off. And thinking back to when I was standing against the wall and the firing party’s bullets passed overhead, as I dealt with what the situations that life handed me as I followed that old Highway 61 where it goes. With myself also having heard the dark-side calling at times and never knowing what is real when it called to me, and just wanting to be able to forget today tomorrow and have tomorrow better than today.

Seeing those signs ahead and looking to the canopy of Heaven, and following that old friend Gemini during those winter nights as it lead me down Highway 61. With Scorpio in the summer as both made their passages across the night skies to where I am directed, and seeing you there and taking a chance wondering if you are where Heaven has directed me to be? Looking in at each other and seeing your eyes that are like a blue mile that remind me of the sea, as she sees those green eyes of mine that seem to be stare for a thousand years at times.

It’s been so long as I feel those silver sparks strike and begin to ignite that flame I call a heartbeat, and asking that you be here with me knowing that Heaven has guided you to me and nothing will be forgotten. Are you aware that you have the most beautiful face and time with you is like walking in space?

And life goes fast and we both have to make all of our good times last though it might be hard to do, and looking back to the day we kissed for the first time and knew nothing could fall or fail that day, yet nothing else compares to what happened that day and where Highway 61 took us from there, out to those high desert plains and up to those highlands up there near the timberline. As well as through collision and confusion sometimes at the same time.

Though at times I have a fear of losing you and wonder if you know my name? For it was a fast meeting down that long road to get here and maybe that time has arrived, and having faith of the heart to believe that we can beat those odds now and forever and touch the skies. For I have seen those darkest days and been through both the fire and rain something you now know, and feeling those winds blowing and knowing they are the true winds of change as we crossed the wall, to the other side of what life is bringing us towards and feel that old Highway 61 directing us there still.

Life with you in the world has become something wondrous again, though things might be quite simple I can’t seem to explain these things as I look at you, as it seems as though at times the walls are breathing when you aren’t nearby and hoping all will be right. Both of us try and see things through each others eyes and only needing a little bit of insight, so we need to follow where Highway 61 takes us and know nothing will hold us down anymore, and take the next step as we find our way and get to the other side having only faith to believe in all. With strength that comes from that deep steel I carry in my soul.

Making up things as we go along walking this road and seeing the signs, knowing that all I need is you and to be able to take a stand and hand on heart I swear to. As I find myself looking to the skies for some kind of divine intervention to hopefully back our play. Feeling pain and stopping to talk about it and to set all right once again with time to heal all. Avoiding those self proclaimed saints so quick to judge and claim the gospels are written on the walls, and knowing that together we can beat them now and forever.

Looking up and seeing those sapphire tinted skies tinged with gold as the stars go blue, with that time being truly right and having something you should know and it’s meant to be. As we head out to where the river meets the sea and I’ll win your love as I gamble the future or take a fall. And seeing you smile in this turning of the twilight as your hair flutters in the breeze as you talk with me, so I ask you to deliver me from all of the madness and draw out that strength within me and loving and caring, and I will give you the courage to make your way and draw you from all of your hiding.

Holding you close and feeling like a charge of St. Elmo’s fire run through, so take me forward and lead me on to what the future holds for us and we can make it together. For our time is now as we both rise up and meet the challenge that Vale of Tears known as life has. These are the times we will know and must act upon them to bring all of it full circle and to completion, though we might be forced to recognize our shortcomings in certain matters we will overcome them, as we stand here upon the ledges of our lives and see our similarities.

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