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Great Escape*

Feeling my arms brought behind me and bound by heavy chains, as you lock them tightly in place so I can’t move with a lock that has no key. Knowing that no-one except you or I can see those heavy chains that are binding me, as I hear you ask me how long I might be able to hold my breath as you hoist me over the tank, and will I be able to hold your breath as well? As I feel the water slowly rising up around me,-
You’re wondering if I will slowly fade away as the water begins to cover my face, as I feel you sending it in waves as I descend to the bottom of the tank and try Houdini’s great escape. Going down deeper as I reach the bottom as I feel all slowly growing colder and time starting to crawl. Seeing you through the glass of the tank bound by your chains I see you’re bound too by ball and chain, with both of us knowing one day that they will be unbound and our hearts will again beat as one.
Seeing your eyes through the glass knowing they can laugh and dance, breathe fire, or seem like ice, as we both had times when we prayed for the times when we both danced and had the thunder roll.
And when we have kissed we could never fail or fall with nothing being able to keep us away, and
nothing will keep us apart not even those chains that we wear because we can both beat them.
Feeling those chains starting to give as I reach deep within, and knowing you’re the reason I need to get myself free from this tank. As I see from the look in your eyes that I’m not fading but rising up to take you in my arms. Pushing off the bottom as the last link slides from my arms and heading to the surface, and breaking through the water and taking a ragged breath and filling my fiery lungs,-
Watching you as you gasp in amazement that Houdini’s great escape was done, I know that adversity is like a strong wind that holds us back or tears us away. Allowing us at times to really see ourselves as we truly are and not how we would like to be. There are those tears we cry followed by the sound of laughter that makes us keep coming back, with both of us being strange allies that are strong willed with warring hearts.
As I climb from that tank offering you my hand to walk out of here together, I know that you feel numb during those times I am able to see deep into your eyes. Able to see so deep inside of you almost to those embers that burn there in your core, and though you feel at times as if you have been walking across a field full of land mines. Time will wipe your tears as it slowly marches by erasing some of those things there,-
Asking that you open your heart and clenched fist by your side, and be able to accept that hardest part and take those things that you have missed. Though we might feel those shadows on us now as we walk outside under that pale moonlight. It’s time to move on and cross that bridge leaving the past behind like those chains that lie there, carrying with us those lessons that have been learned.
Time has changed us both and we have our minds and the time has come to use them, as you carry with you those wounds and pain that doesn’t ever seem like it will heal. Being like those scars I carry on me that the sun’s dark light couldn’t or wouldn’t heal, and under this pale moonlight together we’ll make our way back on down the line.
* Idea for this one came from the great escape that Harry Houdini (Eric Weiss), developed and performed at the turn of the last century.

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