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Miracle Drug

Miracle Drug

There have been times when I want to take a trip to the inside of your mind and possibly spend the day there and see, and hear all the things you haven't said. I would also like to spend the time looking out of your eyes and seeing all that you see, as well as watch your thoughts form and then come about. Wondering if you would feel a thing when I hear you when you call? Maybe you would find that freedom has its own scent?

Of science, and the human heart there is no limit as to what can be achieved with there being no failure here and only then when you decide to quit, or are you like me and have a heart that won't let you give in? Logic doesn't seem to apply, and still in some way reason seems to be the only thing on our side with us both knowing that someday all things must end as we sit alone. Still, there are songs in your eyes that can be seen when you smile and are able to be heard beneath the noise and the din, though it might seem as if you are whispering. I know that you have no idea how lovely you are and it comes from the inside out (much like accepting one for their internal rather than their external qualities).

No one ever said that life would be easy, and there are times I think we all wish that we could go back to the start, and wishing what we know now when we were younger and stronger than we are now. With things having us wonder where we are, and don't ever let it show and not wanting to bleed for there is more than enough hurt in this world. Still the Devil's in the details and grins from ear to ear with the hand he's dealt us, as we try to bluff our way and continue to try to win with a losing hand, so practiced are my sins I know they will never let me win.

So tell me your secrets, and ask me your questions with only one rule to follow; the truth, and honesty. Otherwise it will be as if we are running in circles and chasing our tails, and I wonder at times if I have touched you to have you come and haunt me when the game of life is all through or would we meet up again on the other side in either Heaven or Hell? Or, are we just pulling puzzles apart, and guessing at numbers and figures like they do in science and medicine? Still, under asphalt at our feet lie crushed dreams and lies and we both know some are carried as scars the sun's dark light couldn't or wouldn't heal, like souvenirs of what we have been through and where we have been.

History is like gravity and it seems to hold things down, and both of us have sins and have tried to erase the past by either drinking to excess or burning all those old photographs. As if either thing would be able to set us free, and I know we both have things we ain't proud of and should just let them lie in the smoking fires of memory near that smoking mirror in our minds. So, don't be sad and don't explain for this is where all things have the possibility of starting all over again, like returning back to the start. Life is more and bigger than who we are, with things moving fast with nothing left to truly believe except to hold onto faith and hope when the odds get stacked. For we know about sacrifice when the lights go out, and the price that's paid when diggin' down or diggin' in to stand the ground when getting called out.

Even though moments have passed still my heart won't let me give in and sometimes won't allow me to turn away, as we continue on driving through the night. With sometimes writing all off as criminal or as a place to cast a stone and continue to carry on down the line. Still there are times when we look each other in the eyes or in that mirror on the shelf and know that's where the demons hide and the enemy we need to make peace with.

And when the moment finally arrives we can charge and raise our cups in the dark crimson light of the setting sun, and can say we gave the unforgiving moment sixty seconds of effort and run, as well as stooped when all was torn asunder to rebuild it all with worn out tools; to be able to say I attempted to do it all and I swear I lived.

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