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Miss Hot Shot

We play pool for high stakes...

I only come into this dive of a bar for one thing, and that's not the beer. I'm hoping to catch another look at that cute little blonde barmaid, the one that works the early shift when things are quiet.

Steffanie her name is and I'm planning on making a move on her soon, turn on the charm and invite her out. Simple enough plan, but this girl isn't so easy to pin down... if you'll pardon the expression.

I've already established there's no one special guy in her life and hasn't been for a long, long time by the sound of it. She's not playing the field either, I've heard her turn down every offer she gets from other guys in the bar, and she gets quite a few.

They all make it so far, think they've won her over, then she blows them out with some lame excuse the moment they invite her on a date. I'm not making the same mistake, I'm going to get to know her a whole lot more, take my time and be as certain as I can be that she'll take me up on my offer of a night on the town. That's if I ever pluck up the courage to ask her.

I know for sure she likes me, she always sidles over my way for a chat when she's got nothing much to do, which is my chance to offer a little flattery about how nice I think she is. I don't suck up to her though, I teased her rotten about that little denim skirt she seems to live in. She loved that, she lapped up the attention and even blushed when I told her she's sexy.

Over two weeks this has been going on and I can't stand it any longer. I'm going to take my chances and give her the question tonight. I'm as ready as I'll ever be, except I can't believe just how nervous I am about asking her. I keep telling myself she's just a barmaid, she's not worth the trouble. I only wish I could believe it.

This time when I walk in there's no one else in the place and she's not behind the bar like usual, the bruiser of a landlord is. Steffanie is over by the pool table knocking the balls around by herself. She looks a picture, standing on her tiptoes bent over the worn out table taking aim.

She hasn't noticed me come in, I get a beer and stand watching her a while longer. She's a good little player, each ball she goes for she pots nice and clean. Between shots she dances around to the dreadful disco music she's got playing. When she notices me there's no denying that her face lights up, no doubt she's pleased to see me, so I go over.

"Hi there, hot shot," I greet her with.

"Hi, Pi. How you doing?"

"Better for seeing you gorgeous."

"Hmm," is all I get in response from her.

I ask her how come she's not working and she tells me she's finished early, she's just killing time until her sister shows up to meet her. Sister eh? this should be something worth seeing.

"Fancy a game?" she asks. "Best of three?"


"Play you for a fiver," the cocky little madam bets me.

I'm being hustled by the object of my desires, I like her nerve, a fiver is a lot to her because I know she's not got much dosh. I think this is my chance, I can see just how much she likes me by offering another kind of bet.

"Let's play for something else," I suggest to her.

"What then?"

"A date. I win and you come out with me."

"What if I win?" she asks, smiling at my call.

"A tenner?"

"You're on."

We set up the balls for a new frame and toss a coin to see who'll break off. I do, and smash the triangle of red and yellow balls all over the table with the black ending up over a top pocket. Be an easy finish if it stays there.

I've served my time on the pool tables and can match her shot for shot, judging by what I saw her doing earlier. Except now she has a real game going on, those balls aren't just going in, they're flying in. Plus the cue ball is finishing nicely in position each time as well.

She does have a weakness though, her lack of height means she struggles to take steady aim when the white is in the middle of the table. It's quite a site for sore eyes watching her bend and stretch as she tries, but misses an important shot. But I'm too busy dreaming of our first night out together to take advantage of her miss. I fluff a sitter and leave her to clean up the table with no problem.

One - nil to Steffanie.

"So where you taking me on our date then?" she asks, laying it on with the sarcasm.

She thinks she's got no chance of losing now. She's chuckling away to herself and giving me lots of cheek. I'm more determined than ever to get one over on her, get her to admit she'd like to come out with me.

"I thought the Jazz Room," I tell her. "It's laid back and quiet in there. We could talk some."

"I'm bored already," she says, keeping up with her brassy remarks.

She breaks off this time and is straight in. She pots half the yellows and our date is fast looking highly unlikely. I can play mean though when it's my turn, roll the white up behind a red so there's no shot on for her. Not exactly in the spirit of the game but these are high stakes.

She pulls a cross face when she sees what I've left her with, plays off three cushions in hit and hope but misses all the yellows. An extra free shot is all I need. Now we're equal at one game all.

"So, what should I wear to the boring Jazz Room then?" she asks, not worried by the score.

"Come as you are," I tell her.

"Oh, all right," she replies, sounding disappointed by my lack of inspiration.

It's another chance I've missed, she just offered me another free shot and I blew it.

"er... what about a little black dress then?" I suggest. "If you have one."

"Course I do," she says. "Anything else?"

She's all lit up once more, she likes this game so I carry on playing along.

"er... maybe a nice pair of heels."

"No problem," she replies, with a sweet smile across her face.

"You for real?" I ask her.

"Sure I am. I want to know what you go for."

"Right. So that's what you'll wear then?" I ask her.

"Sure, except I won't be needing to, will I?" She nods at the table. "Your break."

Teasing little madam. She's upped the stakes and made the prize all the more tempting.

"You're not going to win, you know," she tells me. "I've hardly been trying up until now."

She's not kidding. I've seen a few good girl players before but she's something else. After I break she really turns her game on, spinning and skewing that cue ball around the table like she owns it. She's dancing about and tells me to get my tenner ready, says she'll have a cozy night in with her sister while I'm stuck in the Jazz Room all by myself. Two minutes later and all that's left for her is an easy straight shot on the black to finish.

"Tough luck, Pi. Maybe another time."

My heart sinks, and as expected the black flies straight in. Match over. No date.

But wait, what's the silly tease done? There's not enough back spin on that cue ball, it's following the black and heading straight for the pocket.

"Oh no," she says, and slams her cue down in frustration.

There's a mass celebration going on in my mind, crowds cheering and fireworks going off. Be cool though Pi, be nice to the little lady.

"You free tonight then?" I ask her.

"For you I am," she replies. "I mean I..."

Too late, she realizes what she just said and the first chink in her armour has just been revealed. She wants to come out with me all right.

"Meet you back here at nine?" I suggest.


"You will show up?" I ask her.

"Course I will. We had a bet didn't we?" Making out that's the only reason she'll be coming.

The sister arrives, a few years older but just as cute. She seems more sophisticated than my new date, but a whole lot more reserved. They don't stop long enough for me to get to know her much and they're giggling and whispering together as they leave. They both look my way as they head out the door and Steffanie smiles and waves.

Two hours later I'm back in the bar waiting for my date to turn up. I'm on an ego trip when she finally walks back in through that door. She's gone for the little black dress just like she said she would, looks amazing she does.

"Wow, don't you look good?" I tell her.

"I do, don't I?" She replies, and does a twirl for my benefit.

Bless the little darling, she's wearing that dress to please me. I've got her hooked, no point in messing about all night, I'm going to reel her in straight away.

"You wore the dress then?"


"Because I asked you to?"

"Yes, do you like it?"

"I love it." I tell her. "You've got the figure for it."

"Thank you," she replies.

"So, you going to let me kiss you then?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

... Oh at last he kissed me. I thought he'd never get around to even asking me out. I was going nuts and beginning to think there might be something wrong with him... or me.

I liked him from the moment we met, but he wouldn't ask the question, so I thought I'd tease him along, whip him at pool and then drop big hints about a date to help mend his silly male pride. I had no doubt I could beat him, I was a good player in those days, a misspent youth and all that.

Him changing the bet was a surprise and a nice touch on his part. Although I had to let him win and he still won't believe I threw that last shot, or won't admit it more like.

Never mind, we've had over ten happy years together since then, maybe he'll finally admit it after another ten.

steffanie xxx

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