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'Doing' Words

I like to play about with words, some of them work, some of them don't

'Doing' Words Superlatives and adjectives, are words that do describe. A verb-ing word is a doing term, behind which I can hide. Full stops and commas - I infuse, with words to halt or pause. Without such things, I'd soon be seen writing un-verbose? I get...

Sidney and Sabia

Sabia is an Irish name meaning the sweet one

with the sun shining so bright all the country birds singing cheerful songs what a beautiful day for friends to duck school Sidney finds his friend Sabia in the hallway let's ditch school he says with a grin let's go to the waterfall and relax in the sun...

Miss Hot Shot

We play pool for high stakes...

I only come into this dive of a bar for one thing, and that's not the beer. I'm hoping to catch another look at that cute little blonde barmaid, the one that works the early shift when things are quiet.Steffanie her name is and I'm planning on making a mo...