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Date night

Every evening with the one you love

I would love to kiss your lips when they're moist with wine and painted red with desire. Gaze into your eyes where your love smolders glowing with passions fire. Feel your bodies warm alabaster flesh burn against mine in a romantic embrace imaging strands...

Flirting With Danger Part One

Two secret agents and ex work colleagues with underlying feelings, reunite and danger follows them.

"It's a fine, fine day!" sang the smiling American to himself in his rented convertible.Finally, Luke had untangled himself from the inner city London traffic and found the freedom of the more rural B road. For once, the weather was wonderfully warm in Lo...

Shampoo Stockpiles

Will is helping to clean Crow's bathroom when he finds a bunch of hair products.

Will was pawing through the shelf, cleaning off the gunk beneath from all of the soap scum. He took note of the many shampoos and conditioners lining the shelf and edge of the bathtub. “Hey, Crow.” He called, slightly angling his head toward the open door...

Good Girl Guides

A group of young Girl Guides get a little out of their depth in their rush to grow up too fast.

“You girls have work to do.” The six Girl Guides reluctantly sloped away from the fence that separated our pitch from the neighbouring one where a group of scouts kicked a football about. They walked past me to the QM tent where I was about to set them pr...

Miss Hot Shot

We play pool for high stakes...

I only come into this dive of a bar for one thing, and that's not the beer. I'm hoping to catch another look at that cute little blonde barmaid, the one that works the early shift when things are quiet.Steffanie her name is and I'm planning on making a mo...