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Proof of Life Chapter 3

Nagisa and Aaron just talk to each other.

Treatment Three

I can't believe I lost my temper in front of him! What if he thinks I'm childish? Wait, no. That's what I am. A child. Nothing will ever change that right now. I wonder if he would think I'm disgusting if he knew that I was gay?


Aaron calls out to me.

"It's time to go back."

We spent all day in Akihabara doing what I wanted. I wonder if there's anything he wants to do? We were already in a cab as I thought this.

"Hey. Where are you gonna set all these, Nagisa?"


"I keep the books in the bags. That way there's no mess. And no one trips."

"You really think about other people's well-being, don't you?"

I guess he can tell.

"I do. They're the ones I want to see before I die."

Judging by Aaron's expression, he's thinking how pitiful I am. Everyone thinks that when they know that I've accepted my dying state. I don't need that. I just want to spend what little time I have with everyone I care about.

"I think you'll live, Nagisa. You'll be able to run, jump, and fall in love like every other person in this world."

Oh. Oooh. Did he really just say that? That wasn't anywhere near pity. He was confident. He believes I'll survive. Aaron...he's different from everyone else.

"Nagisa? Hey. What's wrong? Don't cry!"

To think he made cry. You're really special, Aaron. You're the first to break my walls and release the flood. You're scary.

It was around 3 p.m. when Nagisa and I arrived back at Saint Hopes'.

"Did you have fun, Nagisa?"

He cried most of the way back, even on the train. I feel bad for making him cry.

"I had fun. Did you?"

Haha! There he goes again.

"I had a lot of fun. Watching you smile is fun for me. I like it when people are happy."

His face became flustered at my comment. So cute.

"We should hurry inside before Ryo chews me out."


Is he sad that he has to go back? Well, it's understandable. I'd want to stay out here after being secluded in the hospital for eleven straight years. I kinda know how it feels.

Aaron escorted me back into Saint Hopes', grabbing a wheelchair for me.

"Oh. I can walk, Aaron."

He's way too nice.

"Nope! You're gonna sit down and rest. Let me handle the remaining journey to your room, Your Highness."

He bowed skillfully, as if he was a real butler. This act was attracting attention, but it was funny.

"Pfft! Really?"

"Hey. I thought I'd lighten the mood. Plus, it's pretty fun to roleplay."


Aaron kept attacking me with humor and idiocy.

" side hurts."

"Alright. Sit down, Nagisa. Time to head back to your room."

It is pretty late. He probably has things he has to do.

"Are you coming tomorrow?"

He smiled as he wheeled me into the elevator.

"I will. Along with friends who have the same goal as me. Would you like to meet them?"

It wouldn't hurt.

"Yeah! I can't wait till you come tomorrow!"

I was so happy and excited, I begged Doctor Ryo to help me find some casual but stylish clothes. My heart is beating like crazy. Why?

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