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Proof of Life Chapter 3

Nagisa and Aaron just talk to each other.

Treatment Three I can't believe I lost my temper in front of him! What if he thinks I'm childish? Wait, no. That's what I am. A child. Nothing will ever change that right now. I wonder if he would think I'm disgusting if he knew that I was gay? "Nagisa."...

Rufus, Cynthia and Claire walked in to the front room. They stood there in dumbfounded silence. Not only had Amy changed her clothes - something she’d never been able to do, but she was skipping around the kitchen, humming to herself and making breakfast....

Simple Pleasures

oh, me and my random cheerful pieces :)

My heart speeds, but I force it to slow, and I walk to your door, shivering in the snow, cold. I knock, wait a few, you answer. I don't give any time, I tackle you down, to the ground we go, I giggle, You chuckle. Pleasures of the simplest kind.