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Stone Fox

Stone Fox

Are you sleeping and can you hear me, or does it matter if you hear me? There was a time when we had a time, with night time finding us at the shore or elsewhere and then again you never know where things will take us. And tonight the horse and carriage will be on its way, to take us away and to possibly see another English sunset, and closer from where we started in those moments shared with you, so take my invitation and go where the Tao directs us to go with there being nothing else to lose. Though there might be times when it feels like subtleties seem to threaten to strangle us.

And wondering when the rain will be falling down? With change possibly coming soon with the harvest moon, and maybe the angels will be coming as we look to the dark horizon. We both know it’s all up to me and you, and we can just follow the sun, though we might have demons on our tail as we head down that old highway saying goodbye to it all as we follow the call. Sitting under the stars and talking till the sun comes up, as we remember every part, and we both know that there’s a cold wind blowing that threatens like him and them to tear all things apart.

We both have memories that linger and new ones to start when we meet up that seem to be like shades of blues, and greens, and find the good side of tomorrow. Now it seems like this world goes round and round without seeming to stop as I head on down the line, and you gave me your hand to hold and came with me and have also felt at times as if; inside, outside nowhere is home. With you seeming to become a reflection, and I will hold you up and help you feel alive as we head in the same direction. Life is like a ticking clock with no one knowing when it will stop, and it might be a rebel sound you hear coming from me. And before I’m gone I hope I have touched you and some others and given you a part of my freedom and make everything all right, so look around and see what remains in the shuffling of dreams.

If it’s still the past that ties you down like history and gravity, just know that was then and this is now and let the bygones be forgotten, and it’s fine if we disagree. Hope springs eternal out here in the fields of the night, for if hope didn’t spring eternally, then how can the damned in Hell dream of Heaven and hope of reaching it? So no more being hard on yourself, and put some heart back into your life and follow me across the way and we can find redemption day as we wash ourselves clean here in this hard and cold world. For it seems we both need someone we can cry for and to die for, and say what you feel and bring your dreams to feed the sea of understanding.

The changing of sunlight to moonlight can bring forth the reflections of our lives and can fill our eyes, though you might find yourself in darkness and all alone, just remember me and know I would stop a bullet for you. So close your eyes and believe as you follow me on down the line, and knowing it is a razor’s edge between friend and foe that we head down these back roads, and rail road tracks as the Tao directs. And we both know that some wounds will never heal, and undone wars still rage on and sting, still I believe that when the bugles sound we will stand tall and maybe fall together either right or wrong. Still we have both come from deep in those complicated shadows that have the power to bend iron and break steel, and came out looking unchanged on the outside, but changed inside when we emerged un-broken.

So come with me and take a look at those bloodshot skies, and we might say Kýrie Eléison for those departed and those we leave behind that matter, and bid the others a fare the well and not give a damn. We should be able to ride forever, and stand tall until the angels finally call, that we will pull in the reins.

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