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Tannhauser Gate

Tannhauser Gate

A Kind of Love Story

Standing here at the foot of these ancient worn stone steps, that lead up to those massive black iron doors of the gate that stands there. Flanked on both sides by walls having rough hewn images carved on them which have been nearly erased and blackened by time and by age. Yet the walls and the massive gate they support still stand.

As I turn slowly and survey the that empty snow covered square in front of me, and looking over and seeing you making your way towards me through the snow across the square, as we both stand here in the dark light of the sun as I offer you my hand and ask you to dance with me here. Pulling you close as we start slowly to dance here in the middle of this empty snow covered square, with both of us slowly turning and swaying and not minding the cold as we perform a waltz. Feeling the time slowing down to a crawl and passing so incredibly slow.

Dancing with you here in the sun's dark light here in front of those black iron doors of the gate.Though no music is playing and can't be heard we keep perfect time,for the music comes from within us and both keep a perfect accompaniment, with the tune you gently hum comes from the chambers of my heart. As I look into those laughing, dancing eyes of yours. As I can't help noticing that the shadows are falling and growing long.

With the clouds obscuring the sun's dark light as all starts turning silver and grey, making all become a magical moment that is sepia toned as we dance here in the square. With the massive doors of the gate looking on as we continue our dance, and now being able to hear the words to the tune that you hum coming from that slow smile you wear, as we dance here in the snow occasionally glancing as we turn towards those walled gates.

Knowing that the shadows are slowly falling and we are running out of breath, and that the winter's dark will be upon us soon with the reflected light of the snow holding it at bay. Our dance slowly winds down and becomes a moment that is trapped in amber to be treasured forever. Asking that you hold me in your thoughts as you meet me in your dreams and touch each other when we come into view.

Soon we will be making our way to the station in the snow's ghostly light. To where that midnight train waits at the siding and is called when all is said and done. And will be taking you soon to the North Country to that place called Pleasant Stream. As I ask that you keep the fires lit and be there right next to you, as I ask that you keep me in your heart for a while.

And finding myself being pulled across those blue hills of the border of Morpheus' realm, back into the land of the waking here in the deepest hole of the night and that of the new day. Being here deep inside of the night and it seems as though I am waiting for the light of dawn, and finding myself propped on one elbow as I lay here staring into the dark trying to recapture all, and go on with all that was seen.

As my hand finds a rock that wasn't there before on the nightstand. As I turn on my reading light to examine the rock I found. Seeing it being the same colour and texture of those walls supporting the gate. As I close it in my fist as I turn out the light. Causing me to I roll over with a smile to sleep again, Holding a piece of the Tannhauser Gate and the memory of dancing with you in the snow, and time stopping there in that place.

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