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Una Palabra

Una Palabra

And though moments have passed by I find it hard to turn away and walking through those dreams that have been cast away on the way through here. With us all carrying some sort of scars like souvenirs picked up along the way, with the past being that is never far behind no matter how far we have traveled on down the line. And life is a lot more than what we are and sometimes sounds like an old tired song only we can hear when those tapes play unbidden in all we do or attempt to do.

Seems like I am lost in a dream at times and I am trying to live for tomorrow, and hoping that it is better than today, still holding onto memories from those times I have walked through my past life. And wondering if I should stop right where I stand and be there with my reasons for it all? Or should I believe those lines on my hands and then open up my heart to accept the hardest part(s)? Still feeling as if I have been struck by sound across my face and being loud enough to be tasted, as it tries to drive the choices and thoughts from my head. Recalling once a fortune teller said I would one day be free, and then again they never really said when that would be.

So come to me my favorite friend and don’t be scared, of those things you might find in those scars that we both seem to be made of. Making us wonder if there is anything left behind the scars we both carry that the sun’s dark light wouldn’t or couldn’t heal. And just like me you have those sins you carry and history is like a form of gravity that combines with those things and holds us down, and it’s when the shadows can be felt. So come to me with secrets bared and I will do the same, we both have tried to conceal where we have been, and burned those photographs to try and change the past.

And when we reach the end nothing will matter because we will just start all over again, for we both know what we want and at times we feel like we are sitting inside of cells and seeing nothing but those walls. This life and for living it we will both have to pay some day or stand in judgment. But, going to keep it up until free and head on down the line to wherever it takes me, or we won’t have anything at all, and I hope you do the same, and it’s time to finally stand tall after being down for so long.

Hoping you take that jump with me and never fall, and take any pain given and turn it into strength and power while taking every second that’s been given and turned the unforgiving minute into sixty seconds of effort and run. And at the end of the time it can be said that we lived, as we raise those charged cups up in the dark crimson light of the setting sun. And not go where fools go and rise up when called out and know that there is nothing we can’t do, and still there are things we need to know as we head on down the line, passing the rusted automobile graveyards and those tumbled down farms and shacks as we make our way.

I know that we both have done wrong at times and some things may be unforgivable and still there is hope to rise up and put those things right as we fight the demons that come when the devil sits grinning and dealing from the bottom of the deck. And still we carry those bruises from living in the battle zone, feeling like all is said to the wind in vain. But you know you aren’t alone for I have been there too and understand, so let me do all we have said and come with me on down the line.

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